Think Africa Press Gives Breadth and Depth to African Coverage

    April 15, 2011 10:02 UTC

    Think Africa Press Gives Breadth and Depth to African Coverage

    Think Africa Press is a long overdue source of analysis and
    critical commentary at a time when the world is waking up to the fact
    that Africa matters for us all.

    Dr Phil Clark, lecturer in African Studies, SOAS

    Africa Press
    , a free online publication committed to insightful and
    enlightening news analysis and commentary on a variety of African
    affairs has officially launched –

    In recent weeks African news stories have dominated the headlines, with
    the world?s eyes on fighting in Libya and the Ivory Coast, regime change
    in Egypt, elections in Nigeria and the secession of South Sudan. Think
    Africa Press aims to give the these stories, and others from the
    continent, the thoughtful and specialist treatment necessary to place
    them in their local and historical context.

    Run from London headquarters by multi-national staff, Think Africa Press
    engages a network of expert correspondents ? both on the ground in
    Africa and from around the world. As a free-to-access website with an
    exclusively African focus Think Africa Press can provide in-depth,
    quality content to readers around the world.

    Commenting on the launch, Woody Webster, co-founder of Think Africa
    , said: ?We?re aiming to be the platform for debate on
    Africa?s most pressing issues, with an unchallenged range and depth. We
    strongly believe that the latest news and opinions will gain in value by
    being presented alongside specialist high quality features on business,
    economics and history.

    We aim to make Think Africa Press the home of not only the most complete
    coverage but also the most informed and constructive discussion of
    Africa?s present and future.?

    In addition to the well-established in-house editorial team, Think
    Africa Press harnesses the ideas of some of the world?s leading thinkers
    on Africa through its Experts Panel which already includes the likes of
    Mahmood Mamdani, Richard Dowden and Raquel
    The site boasts interviews with the Zambian President, Rupiah Banda, Dr
    Muhammed Pate, Director of Nigeria’s National Primary Health Care
    Development Agency, and Egypt?s Muslim Brotherhood.

    James Schneider, editor of Think Africa Press, said: ?While there
    is no shortage of rolling news from the African continent, very little
    of it is properly contextualised. The depth of our focus sets us apart
    from other news sources, providing important and often neglected
    background information for outsiders, and original reporting and new
    viewpoints for locals and specialists, while our engagement with our
    readership allows us to identify gaps in conventional media reporting
    and fill them with unique content.?

    Notes to Editors:

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    Source: Think Africa Press