The Top Five Highest-Paying Internships

highest-paying-intershipInternships are often associated with mundane tasks, coffee
runs and small, if any, paychecks, but lucky young professionals today can
still land some internships that pay just as much, if not more, than a
full-time job.

The average income for a household in the United States is
approximately $4,400, but interns at the top-paying companies can bring in
average wages ranging between $4,600 and $6,700 per month. While money isn’t
everything, these numbers are attractive to recent
grads navigating the job market

If you are looking for an internship
that will pay the bills and then some, direct your search to the following
top-paying companies:


Also ranked as one of the world’s most innovative companies,
VMWare has offices around the world and has become the top virtualization platform
for data centers, applications and desktops. Interns and new college grads have
the opportunity to pursue meaningful work at the company, and they can earn up
to $6,707 per month doing it.


Students have the opportunity to work side-by-side with
industry experts at the top ecommerce company in the world. The company
recruits interns from a variety of backgrounds, including finance,
communications, business, technology, strategy and more, and these interns can
earn as much as $6,500 each month.


Headquartered in Irving, Texas, this multinational oil and
gas corporation looks for interns with backgrounds in engineering and trains
them extensively with the help of a dedicated coordinator. Interns at the
world’s largest gas company can earn up to $6,268 per month.


Students and recent grads already spend a lot of time on
Facebook each day, and some are making great money working for the world’s
largest social media site. Interns from a variety of backgrounds are encouraged
to apply, including those with marketing, sales, design and data analysis
skills. During the 12-week program, interns can make over $6,000 per month.


Consistently named as one of the best companies to work for,
Google offers interns the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top
engineers, designers and tech pros, plus perks like excellent medical care,
educational reimbursement, the opportunities to work from home and a $6,000 per
month paycheck.

If you are interested in one of these dream internships, the
best thing you can do to land one is to set up an online portfolio that
includes your best work, connect with people in your field using social media
and networking opportunities, follow up on all communications and do your
research before an interview. If you take these steps and have a bit of luck on
your side, you just may land one of these highly sought-after internships!?