The Right Way to Give Two Weeks? Notice

quit your job, right way to quit your jobAfter being sure that you really want to call it quits, follow this guide to resign without burning bridges.

Resigning tactfully can be difficult, even if you can’t stand your boss, hate your job and are excited to start a new job. After being sure that you really want to call it quits, follow this guide to resign the right way without burning bridges.?

Giving Notice?
If your employment contract specifies how much notice is needed when resigning, abide by it. If there are no provisions in the contract, two weeks? notice is generally appropriate.?
There are few circumstances that allow employees to quit without notice. You may leave sooner if you have been sexually harassed or physically abused by a supervisor or employee, your work environment is unsafe, job stress is seriously impacting your mental health, you have not been paid or you have been asked to do something that is illegal or clearly unethical.?
Writing a Resignation Letter?
The formal way to quit your job is to write a letter of resignation. This letter can help you move on while maintaining a positive relationship with your former employer.?
The letter should include a statement that makes it clear you are leaving, the date when your resignation is effective and a thank you to your employer for the opportunities you have experienced during your employment.?
Never write anything disparaging about your boss, subordinates, co-workers or the company. Keep the tone polite and professional because the letter will become part of your employment file and may be shared with prospective employers in the future.?
Asking for a Reference?
Before leaving your position, ask your manager for a letter of recommendation. This will give prospective employers written documentation of your credentials.?
Taking Care of Details?
Before leaving, talk to your supervisor about the salary and employee benefits you may be entitled to. Ask about cashing in, keeping or rolling over your pension plan or 401K, collecting unused sick days or vacation time and continuing your health insurance coverage.?
Returning Company Property?
The last step in the resignation process is returning any company property you may have, including phones, computers, keys and documents. If you do not return these items in a timely manner, you may be held responsible by the company.?
During your final two weeks at work, continue being a productive member of the team, help other employees transition to your absence and stay positive. Wrap up your major assignments, leave a detailed report for your successor and supervisor, and resist the temptation to speak negatively about your company or brag about your next opportunity.