The Importance of Taking Risks in Content Marketing

MarketingIn content marketing, dare to be different.?

Mark Zuckerberg once said that ?The biggest risk is not taking any risk.? While there is undeniable truth in this statement, most PR professionals would rather play it safe when working on a brand since they believe that taking risks puts them a step closer to disaster.

However, in today?s extremely competitive market, using a conservative approach can cause your business to lose significant momentum. Going with the norm and doing what everyone else is doing may give you guaranteed albeit lackluster results. In the same manner, a safe content marketing strategy would not do anything to help you stand out from the competition. Worse, it may even make you fade into the background.

On the other hand, adopting a riskier approach does not offer any guarantees but may provide you with more lucrative returns in the end. In today?s world, being different can be good for your business while being ordinary can make people lose their trust and interest in your company.

So, what?s stopping you from taking a step outside the norm? It?s time to step out of the mold and do things differently. Keep in mind that taking calculated risks can put you a step closer to success.

Taking Risks in Content Marketing: How to Do it Right

How can you differentiate yourself from the competition? Here are some ideas that may help you accomplish your objective.

Make a stand. Don?t be afraid to take sides and speak your mind on debatable issues. Contrary to what most people believe, taking sides would not cause people to lose respect for your brand. In fact, they may even respect you more for having the courage to voice your opinion. Naturally, a small number of people may abandon your brand but those who agree with your opinion will be drawn even closer to your brand. For best results, avoid political issues and stick to matters within your industry.

Introduce controversial topics. While it is best to avoid controversial topics, introducing them into your articles can help you start a discussion and bring more attention to your brand.

Make predictions. Consider writing about the future of your industry and don’t be afraid to make bold predictions. Even if you don?t get it right, no one will hold you accountable since it is just a prediction. On the other hand, if your predictions turn out to be right, you will instantly gain an expert status in your industry.

Experiment. Don?t be afraid to make some tweaks to your existing strategies and get on board early with new mediums. Even if they don?t work, all you have lost is a little time.