Terrific Dryer Sheet Reuse Ideas

DRYI?ve been using dryer sheets in my laundry for years. And unsurprisingly, I’d throw them away once I was done.

But it turns out I might have been losing out on hundreds of dollars in savings by not re-purposing those same used dryer sheets into Swifter pads, dusters, bathroom cleaners, and more.

From cleaning oven racks overnight to warding off insects, keep reading to see the 45 things you can do with dryer sheets.


Clean bugs off from of car:?Take a used or new dryer sheet and get it wet. Wring it out and wipe down your car ? the bugs will just slough off without ruining your paint job.

Ward off bugs:?Turns out, there?s actually some science to back up this old wives tale, according to Smithsonian Magazine. If you keep a dryer sheet in your pocket, it will keep away bugs because it has both linalool, a toxin that is found in lavender and basil, as well as beta-citronella, which is used to repel mosquitoes.

Start a fire:?You can use any old dryer sheets you have lying around as kindling to start a fire ? plus, it will smell pretty good, too.

Freshen your car:?Keep an open box of dryer sheets in your car. The sheets will make your call smell like laundry for well over three months, and if you ever need a freshness pick up, you can rub a sheet on your clothes. ?