Technology Software is the Key to Boosting Cash Flow in Business

KeithIt’s no secret that a steady influx of cash is the key to keeping any business, especially a small one, booming. Technology and a strategy that will make this initiative a lucrative reality is indeed a welcomed entity to many small business owners.

Six Disciplines, L.L.C.,–an Ohio-based company has developed a unique module that is designed to help small to mid-size entrepreneurs maintain cash flow and other essential elements of business through some innovative and savvy technology ideas.???

?I wouldn’t describe us as a traditional software vendor,? said founder and CEO Gary Harpst in an interview with ?We are an integrator of proven business practices and sustainable business excellence.? Harpst founded the company in 2000 after spending years working with Soloman Software?a $60 million company that was eventually purchased by software giant Microsoft in 2000. Harpst said he developed the program in part, to help entrepreneurs utilize their assets and, of course, maintain and increase cash flow.? ?Small and mid-sized businesses have the same execution challenges that all growing businesses have,? he said. ?But the challenges include greater economic expertise and people factors to overcome.? According to Harpst, the relatively simple-to-use software tracks company spending, collection, billing; account payables and receivables and ledger modules?all core components of any business.

A sound and pervasive cash flow management system will allow a business owner to keep close tabs on when and where cash enters or exits the business?a basic operating cash flow system or technology savvy software will accurately track business income and expenditures. The owner will be able to effectively monitor cash flow.
Cash flow and money management can make or break a business, says former Merrill Lynch financial advisor Keith Latimer. The New Jersey-based owner of Latimer Wealth Management has dozens of clients?many of whom are small business owners that lament about how to effectively track their business expenses.? ?There are a number of various cash flow management software programs out there that will make revenue and expenditure monitoring easy,? Latimer said. ?Find a software program that will streamline transaction-oriented business processes and make monitoring income and expenses at a nominal price.?

Finally, Harpst, offers a final tidbit of advice to entrepreneurs–?The ultimate goal of a software program should be to transform and improve any internal business process,? he says.