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Zynga expands to China, sans Facebook

NEW YORK (AP) ? Zynga, the company behind popular Facebook games like “CityVille,” is taking that game to China. Since Facebook is blocked in the country, it’s partnering instead with local Internet portal Tencent.

Zynga Inc. said late Monday night that it launched “Zynga City” in China.

“CityVille,” which has players tending to virtual cities, is the most popular game on Facebook according to AppData, which tracks apps on the social network.

It is played by more than 80 million people a month.

San Francisco-based Zynga makes most of its money by charging small amounts of money for virtual items in its games. In 2010 this earned the company a profit of $90.6 million. It filed for an initial public offering this month.


LinkedIn launches ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ button

NEW YORK (AP) ? Professional networking service LinkedIn Corp. launched a Web button on Monday that lets job applicants submit their profiles on the site to jobs that interest them.

The blue button, “Apply with LinkedIn,” appears on online job listings on company and jobs websites alongside more general buttons such as “Apply Now” that recruiters have been using.

It’s LinkedIn’s version of efforts by other online networks, such as Facebook, to spread beyond their own sites across the broader Web. LinkedIn said thousands of companies, including Netflix and LivingSocial, have made the “Apply with LinkedIn” button available on their websites.

Companies can customize the LinkedIn plugin to include application questions or ask for a cover letter. Applicants, meanwhile, can see if any of their LinkedIn connections work for the company they are applying to and send them a message.