Tech Firm Founder Amos Winbush Launches AW3 Media

Amos Winbush Amos Winbush, CEO of data transfer and synchronization company Cyber Synchs, has just launched new media company AW3 Media LLC. Created to develop, produce and broadcast original programming fostering entrepreneurial opportunities worldwide, the company is targeted at under-represented and economically challenged demographics.

?AW3 media is the brainchild of launching a business and operating in the tech industry. There is a lack of diversity and a lack of opportunity regarding those individuals who are trying to get into entrepreneurship especially on the tech side. The support just isn?t there,? says Winbush.

The Shreveport, Louisiana, native says the company is designed to help people who want to have their stories told, but don?t have the backing of a major network nor the resources, such as capital and access, needed to run a business.?

Winbush also plans to debut ?Project Entrepreneur?, a docu-series focused on finding the next greatest entrepreneur. ?We?ll be going to some of the cities hardest hit by the economic downturn and looking for individuals who aren?t necessarily categorized as entrepreneurs. That happens to be people of color,? he says.??????

Winbush was a 2011 Network Journal 40 Under 40 honoree and is a board member of The New York Urban League.