Tatiana Roc

Tatiana Roc
Tatiana Roc

Vice President, Supervisor Enablement
National Grid
Watham, Mass.

Tatiana Roc’s high school dream of a stadium with her name may have yet to come true, but it launched her 20-year career in the construction and utility industry, where she builds homes and luxury apartments as a construction project manager in downtown Boston and works with such notable clients as EMC.

“I don’t know where the dream came from, but I thought a stadium would be a cool thing to have,” she states. “I started in the business with that in mind and it morphed into my desire to learn everything I could about the industry.”

Today, as vice president of supervisor enablement at National Grid, Roc oversees a special project that grew out of the company’s realization that field supervisors were spending more time in the office than coaching and counseling workers in the field.

With her keen understanding of a supervisor’s role, customer needs, and field logistics, she has helped to affect and expand the area of concern, from getting supervisors into the field to helping employees do a better job while changing the customers’ experience. “Supervisors are a primary touch point to all of our customers. They are a critical component of our business,” she says.

A graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology with a B.S., summa cum laude, in project management, Roc learned the essentials of process improvement under Villanova University’s Business Process Management Program, an online certificate-training course. She almost did not complete college, leaving midway through her studies to work full-time. She credits her partner of many years with getting her back to college. “He set me on my path again,” she recalls. “I have not looked back since.”

Roc one day hopes to set others on their path, inner-city children in particular, by opening a dance school to expose them to the arts.