Target’s Annie Ads Spark Controversy

AnnieWhen LaSean Rinique first saw an ad for Target?s new Annie for Target clothing line last weekend, she was sitting at the computer with her 8-year-old daughter, an Annie superfan. The girl in the ad was a young white model, wearing a red dress and a locket ? the iconic Annie outfit. But the Annie in the current movie ? the one who inspired this new line ? is black, and this wasn?t lost on Rinique?s daughter, who is biracial.? ?She saw the ad and said to me, ?That?s not what Annie looks like. How come the new black Annie isn?t good enough? Does that mean I?m not good enough??? Rinique tells Yahoo Parenting.

Rinique says her jaw dropped. ?I explained to her that the original Annie was white, and that both Annies are beautiful, and that sometimes people make mistakes and have to apologize for them,? the Delaware mom, who is a regular Target shopper, says. ?Then we started singing ?It?s a Hard-Knock Life? while she got back to doing her chores.?

In hopes of getting that apology, Rinique posted a petition on

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