Tanya Curry Hoffman, Morgan Stanley

Tanya Curry Hoffman
Managing Director
Morgan Stanley
New York, NY

Tanya Curry Hoffman is extremely proud of being the first in her family to attend college. She frequently reflects on how racism in the South limited her father’s educational opportunities and galvanized his resolve to give his two daughters a better life. “Our education was everything to him,” she says. “His tearful expression the day I descended the stage after earning my Bachelor of Science degree will forever remain seared in my memory, and serves as the catalyst that fuels my desire for greatness and success.”

Tanya is a managing director at Morgan Stanley and serves as the Head of the Directed Share Program (DSP) group, a role she has held for over 20 years. “The opportunity to work so closely with the diverse groups of individuals and businesses that I do, and navigate the myriad complex nuances involved in the DSP process, renews my love and appreciation for my business and craft with each successful program.”

A devoted wife and mother of two, Curry Hoffman joined Morgan Stanley a month after earning her degree from the University at Albany. “Though I did not know much about the financial services industry, I was so impressed with the firm during my interview that I knew I wanted to begin my career with this great company,” she recalls. “Today, I celebrate the limitless growth and opportunities to afforded women, marvel at my development, and remain enthusiastically present 28 years later as a self-proclaimed Morgan Stanley ‘lifer’.”

Curry Hoffman co-chairs the Morgan Stanley Multicultural Employee Networking Group and the Morgan Stanley at Work Culture Committee. She is also very active in the firm’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, including its mentoring and recruiting efforts. Outside of work, she is committed to promoting healthy eating, healthy living, and a healthy lifestyle for her family, friends, and community.