Take Your Business To The Next Level


Biz ownersDon´t have cash to boost business? Well, according to business and social media coach Pam Perry, you can power your business on a shoestring‏.

“Business is about relationships,” she says. “People do business with people they know, like and trust.”

She says digital is one way that is cost effective and can lead to business opportunities. “Email marketing allows you to get to know your customer and your customer get to know you over time. By having constant contact with your customer, you won’t be out of site or off their mind,” she notes.  
And, says Perry, social media is an easy task to perform and something not to be ignored. “Social media has changed the way the world communicates,” she says. “Smart marketers are taking advantage of this because they can promote their message faster and further than any time in history. Use of Facebook, blogs and online video is a way to communicate to your potential customers/clients your VALUE and what you offer.”
She also points out that you can reinvent the wheel–in a way. “It’s not about it being new; it’s about being consistent,” she points out. “You can’t decide to blog this week and in 90 days abandon the blog because you feel it’s not working. Patience is the key and sticking with your social media marketing plan for at least nine months will make the difference. If doing an email newsletter is taxing for you and you find it hard to be consistent – don’t do it. Do something else. Do a podcast instead or do a contest on Twitter or Facebook. But whatever you do, build brand equity by being consistent.”
According to Perry, those businesses that ignore socal media will most likely lose in the long run. “We are in the world of “search” for information via the search engines. If you are not online, you will get left behind,” she comments. “And not only must you be online, but you must be active and optimized so that your core customer/client can find you. Email will just put you in front of them more – and they will remember you when they are ready to buy! KaChing!”