Take Control of Your Social Media And Lure In New Business

Social media schedulingBetween Twitter, Facebook, InstaGram, LinkedIn, an entrepreneur could spend a majority of their time managing their social media accounts instead of focusing on getting her business up and running.?? ?Social maintenance is easy. Regulate your schedule so that you are updating your accounts daily. I recommend Hootsuite as a tool for aggregating all of your accounts and posting across them simultaneously,? advises branding and social media consultant Joseph DeMaria.??

If you can, designate one employee to handle it or better yet hire a social media manager. Anne Koplik Designs, a jewelry company, assigned one staff member to manage their social media accounts. She puts in 40-plus hours a week into social media; posting, researching, following and more. ?We have a designated employee strictly for social media purposes. She will post on all our accounts throughout the day,? explains Kimberly Glatz, media coordinator for the company. ?Social media should never be too much to control. Some companies need more than one person running their social media sites depending on their size and the number of sites they have.???

If you must handle it yourself, have a posting schedule that indicates how much time you are going to use each day for posting.??


Niche Posts: ?Optimize content for each specific site, by analyzing their audiences,? says DeMaria. ?No one wants to see your hashtags on Facebook or LinkedIn.?

Excite With Your Posts: ?Post interesting facts, tips & tricks, product information, etc. about your company and even things that relate to your company,? says Glatz.??
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Use Your Best Elevator Pitch:
?Live by the notion that if something takes less than 60 seconds, do it that moment instead of putting it off,? notes DeMaria.
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Stick to a Posting Routine:
Post at least once a day on each social media site page you have, advises Glatz.??

Maximize Your Post to Bring Clients: ?Giveaways are a great way to make your followers and interact with your pages,? explains Glatz. ?Ask them to share a story, comment on which item of yours they love the best and enter them into a giveaway. It’s also great for getting your product out there to more people.??? ? ?

Pick The Right Time Of Day: ?Try to post during lunch hours,? suggest DeMaria. ?Your audience will be happier, out of the office, and they will respond better.?