Take a Break to Boost Your Productivity and Get More Things Done

Be more productive and get more things done by taking a break.

Get more done by working less. Sounds great, right? But can it be done? Can you really be more productive by working less? Well, you definitely can ? and you can do it by taking regular breaks!

The days of sweatshops are definitely over. You don’t need to drink unlimited cups of coffee or gulp energy drinks by the gallon, sleep at your desk and forget that weekends even existed just to get your work done on time. You can be more productive by giving yourself a break. Yes, you can do more by actually getting away from everything related to your work.?

Why Taking a Break Can Be Good for You

Working long hours does not necessarily increase your productivity. In fact, it can even be bad for you. Research indicates that overdoing things can affect your mental performance and that taking a nice, relaxing break is the only way to recover from such a situation. By not heeding this advice, you are driving yourself to exhaustion and possible burnout.?

Taking a Break ? How to Get It Right

  • Take a break from your computer screen. Your computer is not your best friend so don’t treat it like one. Take some time to establish a more meaningful connection with the people around you.
  • Don’t take your work home with you. You have a life outside of your work so keep a clear distinction between the two. Your work is not everything so don’t let it rule your life.
  • Keep weekends off limits.?Weekends are the perfect time to recharge your internal batteries so don’t schedule meetings or take business calls during these days.
  • Go for real vacations. Spending a real vacation even for a few days every year can take the pressure off and allow you to recharge your inner self.?
  • Keep it as natural as it can be. It makes no sense imposing guidelines on when you should or should not take a break. For best results, take a break when you feel you are running low on energy or creativity.?
  • Do what you love.?Give yourself a reason to take a break from your work, and fascinate yourself with an interesting hobby, or something you?ve always wanted to do, but never had the time for.

Don’t feel guilty about giving yourself a break. You need it and should take full advantage to having a few days for yourself to take a break from work.?