Take a Break From Work and Unleash Your Inner Creativity

Even if your drawings are limited to stick figures, you can tap into your inner creativity.

You are a creative being. If you are rolling your eyes right now and thinking about your last disastrous craft project or that time you tried to paint a landscape with Bob Ross, you need a new definition of ?creative.? Being creative does not mean that you can magically sculpt clay into masterpieces or turn a doodle into a Picasso-esque drawing; creativity is something people are born with, and has nothing to do with artistic talents. It is the ability to imagine and wonder at the world, and tapping into that creativity can reduce stress and increase positive feelings. Even if your drawings are limited to stick figures, you can tap into your inner creativity. Here’s how:?

Fall in Love with the Outdoors?

The beauty and serenity of nature has inspired artists across the ages. Get outside each day and notice the beauty all around you. It is often taken for granted, but take time to appreciate the trees, the water, the rocks and the immense sky. You’ll start to look at the world in a different way and reconnect with your own nature.?


Remember when you were a kid and you asked your friend to come over and play? You likely didn’t have a plan or a set activity in mind, you just wanted to play! The play of children is all about spontaneity and wonder, but adults tend to lose that as they grow up and become all serious about work, relationships and life. To tap into your creativity, unleash your inner child and let loose for a few minutes each day. Dance like a fool, run around the backyard or start a flour fight in the kitchen. You’ll laugh and instantly feel like a kid again.?

Day Dream?

Give your mind permission to wander. While waiting in line at the grocery store or sitting in rush-hour traffic, imagine a totally free life. Think about what you would do, where you would go and who you would become. Tap into those dreams and don’t be afraid to think about what you really want in your life. It is your daydream, so you can have anything!

Find a Creative Outlet?

Creativity is often associated with the traditional arts, like sculpture or painting, but your creative outlet may be redecorating the master bedroom, making funny faces with fruit on your kid’s pancakes or filling a journal with random thoughts at the end of the day. Any time you are producing something, you are using your creativity. Find a way to do that each day, even if it is just for a few minutes.?