Switch Jobs Without Taking a Pay Cut

Switch Jobs Looking to change jobs or industries without taking a pay cut? Follow these tips

If you work for a midsize or large company and experience the itch to seek work elsewhere, chances are you can satisfy that itch by switching to another part of the company. There is only one reason you might not want to stick with the same company?if the company?s values conflict too much with yours. You can accomplish a move inside the company without taking a pay cut, and you keep your peace of mind intact.

Potential pitfalls of seeking work outside the company
Another organization might pay better, but it might be less solid than your current company. Could the new place fall apart in a year? Also, a new organization might not have the culture you thought it did. For example, some places that seem modern are actually be resistant to change.

If you stay with your current company, albeit in a new department, you get the best of both worlds.

How to start
Research your company; what are the other departments and teams? Where are they located? Who are the critical people? Scour intracompany job boards. Get an idea of the possibilities, and think about what you want from your next job. What values should it reflect? What new (or old) passions and skills do you want to explore or strengthen?

Next, reach out to people outside of your corner of the organization. You don?t need to let them know you are interested in a new job, but introduce yourself and say you want to expand your network.

If you need new skills, start acquiring them, whether through college courses, training seminars the company offers or more. In some cases, your employer may reimburse you for tuition. You may need to explain why you want to enhance your skill set; make it about pursuing opportunities and better helping the company rather than leaving a job that no longer works for you. Update your resume as you progress.