Swiss pilot simulates 72-hour flight _ with naps

GENEVA (AP) ? A Swiss pilot has completed a simulated three-day solo test flight during which he spent more than 10 hours asleep in the cockpit.

Andre Borschberg was testing conditions for a round-the-world trip in a solar-powered plane planned for 2014.

His team says Borschberg took 32 naps of 20 minutes each during the 72 hours he spent inside the simulator at Duebendorf near Zurich, Switzerland.

Solar Impulse spokeswoman Alexandra Gindroz said Friday that the naps are only allowed while flying over the ocean and at other times he did yoga and pilates exercises to help him stay awake.

She says Borschberg’s seat was specially fitted to allow him to relieve himself during the flight.

The team is planning to fly a prototype around the Mediterranean in the coming months.