Super Gadgets for a High-Tech Home

high tech kitchensThese high-tech gadgets will beautify, optimize and simplify your space, if you can afford their hefty price tags.

Thanks to advances in technology, we now expect more from our phones, cars and computers. Higher expectations are now affecting our homes too, and these high-tech gadgets will beautify, optimize and simplify your space, if you can afford their hefty price tags.
The Kohler Numi Toilet
Eco-friendly and stylishly efficient, the Kohler Numi Toilet is a must-have for a modern bathroom. Forget boring bathroom appliances ? this one plays music from built-in speakers that connect to a docking station, warms your feet, includes a deodorizing filter and has a motion-activated lid and seat. For the nearly $5,000 price tag, you’ll also get illuminated panels and a multi-option bidet wand.
About the size of your palm, this gadget senses atmospheric changes in your home and sends you alerts through Twitter, text messaging or e-mail. For just $99, it can tell you when you forget to lock the front door or even when the dog’s bowl is empty.
The Samsung WF457 Washer and Dryer
Would you pay nearly $2,000 to never wait for your laundry to finish again? This high-tech washer and dryer set can be programmed to run while you are at work or sleeping. Just set it using a SmartHome app, then grab your clothes when you get an alert that the cycle is finished.
The Airocide Air Purifier
Created by scientists from NASA, this high-tech device purifies the air using nanotechnology. It also happens to look like modern art thanks to its discreet touch controls. Want fresher air? With the Airocide Air Purifier, it will cost you about $800.
The CalypsoKey and Case
You probably never leave your house without your smartphone, but you likely forget your keys from time to time. The CalypsoKey and Case solves that problem by combining your keys with your smartphone. Tapping your phone’s case on the access point unlocks the door. It’s also one of the most affordable high-tech gadgets on our list, selling for just $130.
The Zeta Fireplace
For just over $10,000, you can get this attractive portable fireplace. Made from heated aluminum and encased in leather, the fireplace will look chic and add warmth to any room in your house.
The Winbot Robot Window Cleaner
Hate washing the windows? Let this high-tech gadget do it for you! Just gfill it up with cleaning solution, set it on your window and hit the power button. The cleaner sprays, squeegees and wipes for a complete clean for just $400.