Summary Box: Isaacson on Jobs. ‘I just listened’

JOBS THE STORYTELLER: Biographer Walter Isaacson says Jobs had “fascinating stories.” Sometimes, the author would hear him tell those tales two or three times, often with slight variations. Isaacson had more than 40 conversations with Jobs for his new book “Steve Jobs.”

ON OPENING UP: Jobs told Isaacson he wanted him to write his biography because he’s good at getting people to talk. Jobs, it turns out, didn’t need much prodding. In an interview with The Associated Press, Isaacson said, “I just listened.”

LIMITED TIME: Isaacson began work on the book in 2009 after Jobs’ wife told him that if he was “ever going to do a book on Steve, you’d better do it now.” Jobs had just taken his second medical leave as CEO of Apple. Jobs died this month after a battle with cancer.