Successful Entrepreneur Offers Small Business Marketing Solutions, Ignores Economic Downturn

    Successful Entrepreneur Offers Small Business Marketing Solutions, Ignores Economic Downturn

    Brian Williams's negative income went to making six figures as a work-at-home marketing consultant for local companies. The key to his meteoric success was Traffic Geyser's new online marketing solution, Main Street Marketing Machines 2.0: Fusion.

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    SAN DIEGOApril 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Before entrepreneur Brian Williams achieved success using Traffic Geyser's online system, Main Street Marketing Machines 2.0: Fusion, he and his wife, Rachel struggled to pay their bills:

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    "Prior to Main Street Marketing Machines, we were at rock bottom?living in a neighborhood we couldn't afford with three small children," said Rachel. "We were so far behind in paying rent, our landlord wouldn't fix the hot water heater when it broke. So, we'd heat water on the stove, and dump it into the kids' bath."

    It's a situation that Mike Koenigs, CEO and Co-founder of Traffic Geyser, hopes others can avoid by using Fusion to make money helping the huge portion of the economy that needs it: local small businesses who desire online marketing strategies that work.

    "Across America, local stores, shops and firms are watching pedestrian traffic drop while web traffic continues to increase. They're realizing that if they don't show up in online search results, their businesses won't survive," says Koenigs. "Internet marketing plans and services are in such demand right now, the lives of some of our most successful customers have experienced dramatic, positive changes since starting their marketing consulting businesses." ?

    Mrs. Williams agrees, noting that the change could be felt by her entire family:

    "Brian has always been an entrepreneur, but so often the work would be unrelenting, and take lots of time away from the family. With Traffic Geyser, he went from?

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    Those interested in learning more about marketing to small businesses using Main Street Marketing Machines 2.0: Fusion, can visit, or contact Will Christie at 800-962-9575, ext. 115.

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    Founded in 2006, Traffic Geyser streamlines and automates online marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We create platforms for building companies' reputations and nurturing relationships with prospects and customers using video, social media and mobile technologies.

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