Subscriber data from Internet service providers

Companies that provide Internet access services have released their earnings reports for the latest quarter. There are subscriber figures and other data from selected Internet service providers:

? July 19: Verizon Communications Inc. gained just 2,000 broadband customers in the latest quarter ? the worst result in four years. Verizon says the weak showing was in part due to Verizon ending the sale of DSL connections to people who don’t have a landline phone account. The effort is part of an attempt to improve profitability. Verizon has upgraded part of its phone network with optical fiber, a service it sells as FiOS. It has raised prices, also to improve profitability, resulting in fewer new FiOS subscribers ? 134,000 during the quarter, to end with 5.1 million.

? July 24: AT&T Inc. says it gained 553,000 U-verse Internet customers to end the quarter with 6.5 million. That helped offset losses in customers who get DSL, a slower and older technology.

? July 25: AOL Inc. says it had 3 million access subscribers as of June 30, down 84,000 during the quarter.

? July 31: Frontier Communications Corp. says it added 5,442 broadband customers to end with 1.78 million.

? Aug. 1: Comcast Corp. says it added 156,000 high-speed Internet customers during the second quarter to end with 18.7 million.

? Aug. 2: Time Warner Cable Inc. says it added 59,000 high-speed residential customers to end the quarter at 10.8 million.

? Aug. 7: Charter Communications Inc. added 37,000 broadband customers to end with 3.8 million.

Cablevision Systems Corp. added 25,000 high-speed customers to end with 3 million.

? Aug. 8: CenturyLink Inc. says it added 18,000 high-speed Internet customers to end with 5.76 million.

? Aug. 9: Windstream Corp. says it lost broadband subscribers for the first time. They were down 2,200 to 1.36 million. Bigger phone companies, which are focused on larger markets, have been losing DSL subscribers for some time to cable, a phenomenon that now appears to be spreading to Windstream’s territory.