Submit Your Event Photographs

    Follow these simple instructions to have your Event photographs posted on!

    BEFORE YOU SUBMIT: Please send an e-mail with a brief description of the event and scheduled date to If your Event is approved, you will receive further instructions.

    1. Confirm that your Event is legitimate

    The event must have a minimum of 100 attendees and be held in a recognizable location.

    Weddings, house parties, bar crawls and other such events are not permitted.

    You must receive an approval confirmation from The Network Journal Communications.

    2. Event information and photo labeling

    I. Please provide the name, date, sponsor, location, photographer and one-sentence description of the event.

    3. Size and compression

    The Network Journal will only accept images that meet the following criteria:

    I. Images must have the extension jpg, jpeg or png.

    II. Images must be at least 72dpi with a fixed width of 500px.

    III. Please submit a minimum of 10 photos and a maximum of 30 with non-repeating names.

    IV. Images must be compressed into a ZIP file.


    Note: The Network Journal reserves the right to withhold parties and individual images deemed inappropriate by our staff.

    Please send all other questions or comments to