Stumped by Increased Fraudulent Orders?

Unfortunately when buying online, you really don’t know if that person who ordered $200 worth of flowers is really who the say they are.

Maybe all their purchase data check out ok, credit card number, billing address and etc – but maybe it’s the RIGHT information used by the wrong person.

Safe ID has a simple and quite affordable tool, for large businesses or one person eBay sellers, to verify the identify of your online shoppers.

Safe ID asks a shopper five or six questions, such as in what state was your social security card issued or what

is your former address. By answering some simple questions, you are more assured that the person buying from you is really who they say they are. This protects you from charge backs and you can focus on MAKING money and not losing money.

It’s relatively easy to integrate the service into your web site and businesses can spend $200 for 50 verifications while individuals pay $10 for each verification.
If customer identification verification is important to you, Safe ID, might just do the trick.

When purchasing offline, what’s the question you’re often asked when presenting a credit card? “May I see your ID please”. However, online, it’s quite easy to purchase something using someone else credit card.
Online merchants try their best to thwart fraud but often times criminals try even harder. I know that Paypal,

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others spend a lot of money studying online fraud and helping their merchants combat it.


Ramon Ray is the editor and tech evangelist for