Stop Paying for Keywords

keywordsInvest in a Keyword Tool for Free

You know you need appropriate?keywords to optimize your content for your online marketing plans, but you have know idea what to use. There are numerous keyword research tools that you could use as long as you shell out the dough. Let?s say you are tired of spending money willy-nilly and want to save money. Lucky for you, there are many different free keyword research tools that can jump-start your online marketing. Sure, you could use your brain, which is a free tool but can it come up with keywords that will improve your ranking on a search engine? Maybe not.

Google Keyword Tool


The god of the search engine has bestowed on its loyal subjects a free keyword research tool. So, how does it work?
??? ???? Type in a word or phrase
??? ???? Add your website
??? ???? Type in a category
Google Keyword Tool will come up with a list of keyword ideas. This keyword tool will also tell you how competitive the keyword is for other websites. For instance, the more competition you have, the more difficult it is to get a search engine to notice your website, even with competitive keywords.

SEOBook Keyword Tool

Though this keyword tool is free, it does require that you sign up for a basic account. With a basic account you?ll get;
??? ???? Keyword generation
??? ???? Keyword list clean up
While SEOBook Keyword Tool has a lot of free services, they can get lost in their tools that are not free. It is important to carefully look over their website before signing up.

PPC Web Spy


This free keyword tool has a lot of bells and whistles. Unfortunately, these bells and whistles come with a price. While PCC Web Spy will give you a list of keywords with a basic account, they hold back plenty of keywords until you upgrade. If you like their trail, sign up but make sure this keyword tool suits your online marketing needs.

Throwing Money Out the Door


Investing in a keyword tool is not flushing money down the drain. It could give you the chance to improve your ranking. Those who are new to the whole SEO game may want to try out a free keyword tool to see what they are jumping into.

What are the free keyword tools that you?ve used in your online marketing? Post your comments below: