The Stimulus Package: Update 2010

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Seminar Committee presents this seminar, moderated by CNN contributor and president of Optimum Capital Management, Ryan Mack, designed to show you how you can still benefit from stimulus funds. Panelists include Ann Kayman, CEO at New York Grant Company; Bruce Niswander, director of the Office of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship at Polytechnic Institute of NYU; and Michael Williams, dean at the Graduate School of Business at Touro College, who will discuss the following:

* The Stimulus Program: What’s the impact on the economy so far?

* How can I still benefit from the Stimulus bill?

* How will the government’s proposed three-year spending freeze effect small business and how can businesses plan now?

* What are smart, “hidden” ways that businesses can save more money in the “new” economy?