Stay Healthy This Season – the Natural Way

IllnessNature?s cycle of seasons has a fundamental effect on the body. Everything around us slips into sleep mode- animals, plants, even our body?s immune system due to decreased exposure to the sun. The later part of the year is filled with holidays, family time, food, and parties. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year where we miss days of work and school, thanks to flu and cold viruses, which thrive in cold, dry weather.

Get ready by boosting your immune system before you get sick. A healthy immune system doesn?t mean you won?t get sick, but it will certainly lessen your chances, and reduce the amount of time you are down and out for the count. Our proliferate use of antibiotics has been noted as a main contributor to the emergence of the new ?superbugs? or antibiotic resistant bacteria. Support your body?s defenses, and take back your health with the following all-natural remedies:

???? Elderberry has been proven effective against viruses, works as an anti-inflammatory, and is great for treating skin problems, bacterial infections, and constipation. Widely used throughout the years in various cultures, the benefits of this herb have been touted by Dr. Oz.

???? Goldenseal is an herb that people ?in the know? never run out of. This beauty is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and has astringent properties that clean you from the inside out. A giant in the alternative-remedy world, it?s used worldwide to treat diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, open wounds, respiratory/sinus problems and more.?

???? Ginger is not just good for seasoning soups and for baking. It is also excellent for combating viruses, relieving pain and inflammation, nausea, and even acts as a mild sedative.

The world of natural healing offers numerous other cold fighting options- but the above three are an excellent start. They all come in tea, liquid, or pill form and can be purchased at your local natural health food store. Stay healthy the natural way!