Stand Out and Grow Your Business with Authority Marketing

ManAuthority marketing can be the key to business success.

Authority marketing or positioning one’s self as an authority in the field and creating a personal brand is extremely important in increasing one’s perceived value in the marketplace. In fact, no less than internet marketing and business consultant Frank Kern emphasized the importance of authority marketing at the 2014 Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego, California.

In addition, marketing expert Dan Kennedy stated that unless you establish yourself as an authority in your target market, you are ignoring something that could be a very valuable asset to your business.

How Can Authority Marketing Help You Grow Your Business?

There are a lot of benefits that can be achieved by establishing yourself as the leading authority in your industry. Here are some of them.

  • It builds the perception of added credibility and trust.
  • It can help create brand awareness.
  • It can help improve your conversion rate and increase your profit.

Authority Marketing Roadmap: Taking the Right Path

How should go about in establishing your authority in your industry? Here is a systematic process that can help you accomplish your objective.

  • Define your niche. You can better establish your expertise and authority by defining your niche and providing specialized knowledge to your target audience. Remember, you are not after getting a lot of people to care a little. You want to get them deeply interested in what you have to offer, even if it means reaching a smaller portion of your target audience.
  • Think strategically. Write down a viable plan of action before deciding which tactics to use.
  • Be found. Use a combination of tactics (niche blogging, social media and SEO) to create a more powerful campaign. For best results, develop content that resonates well with your target audience.
  • Write a book. Writing a book on your own or with fellow experts can help you effectively display your expertise and establish your authority in your niche. Keep in mind that people absolutely adores authors.Use this to your advantage.
  • Get media coverage. Maximize publicity by using free press release distribution services such as, PRLog, Newswire and You may also want to consider using free services such as Help a Reporter Out (HARO), Reporter Connection and SourceBottle to help you connect with journalists and bloggers who are looking for expert sources for their articles. Do this and you can significantly increase your chances of scoring great media mentions.
  • Speak to your target market. Reach out to your target market by speaking at industry-related events. This can help you establish your authority, get more leads and generate more profit.
  • Build your list. Sending targeted emails to your list can provide more value and help you foster a deeper relationship with your target market.