Turn Your Resume from Boring to Awesome!

ResumesSay goodbye to your boring resume and increase your chances of getting hired.

Writing a resume these days can be such a complicated affair. Aside from determining which resume format works best for you, you also need to consider a host of other things such as how to incorporate social media into your resume, how to improve your LinkedIn profile, and whether or not you should consider doing a video resume or a dynamic digital resume to beat the competition. Needless to say, crafting a standout resume can be such a great challenge but the results are well worth the effort.

So, what should you do to spruce up your boring resume? Here are some points to consider to make sure you come up with the perfect modern resume designed to impress potential employers.

Tell your story through your resume. Use your resume to tell prospective employers why they need to hire you. Focus on your accomplishments and omit anything that does not support the central theme of your resume. It is extremely important that you tailor your resume to emphasize how your skills and experience make you the perfect candidate for the job.

Be creative. Put technology to good use. Use hyperlink texts to direct potential employers to your online portfolio, and use charts and images to highlight your accomplishments. You can also use video to complement your resume and let potential employers learn more about you.

Make social networks your ally. Social networks can swing both ways so make sure you project the right image in your social media accounts. Considering the fact that 45% of employers view potential candidates online before making a decision whether to hire them or not, your social media profile can either make or break your chances of getting hired.

Use the right font. While choosing which font to use may seem trivial, it does play a significant role in increasing your chances of getting the job. Using the right font for your resume can help you grab your hiring manager?s attention and direct him (or her) through your resume. For best results, use fonts that are easy to read (such as Georgia, Calibri, and Helvetica) and adjust line spacing to 120% of the font size. Avoid using indentations since they tend to lead the eye to wander around the page.

Include a strong cover letter. Some things never change so include a well written cover letter that includes a strong call to action. Make it short and to the point, and review it for spelling and grammatical errors.

Follow these tips and you can surely make your resume work for you.