Spring Gardening on the Cheap

spring gardeningFollow this guide to create a beautiful spring garden without breaking the bank.

Ahh, spring. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the ground is ready for planting. If you are eager to jump into gardening season but don’t want to spend loads of cash, follow this guide to create a beautiful spring garden without breaking the bank.?

DIY Planters?

Your local garden store is full of pricey glazed planters, but you can get a similar look by up recycling containers and materials you already have on hand. Use your creativity to transform everyday objects, like cinder blocks, scrap wood, coffee cans, buckets, gutters, bread pans, colanders, empty drawers and more. The result will be a unique, stylish planter perfect for herbs, succulents or flowers.?

Don’t Pay for Plants or Seeds?

Craigslist is a haven for free plants. Click on ?free stuff? to score everything from trees to seeds without paying a dime.?

If you know other green thumbs, ask to split their perennials. Most gardeners consider it a compliment because it is a sign that their flowers and plants are healthy and beautiful.?

Make Your Own Weed Killer?

Store-bought weed killers hurt your wallet with their hefty price tags and may hurt your garden, grass and soil with? harsh chemicals. Do your budget and the environment a favor by making your own eco-friendly weed killer this season. Pouring boiling water over the garden invaders is an easy solution, but you can also use white vinegar, black plastic bags and newspaper to stomp out weeds.?

DIY Seedling Trays?

Get your garden started in homemade seedling trays using newspaper, a tray and duct tape. Just tear a few sheets of the paper into four-inch strips, roll them into two-inch wide tubes and tape one end closed. Place the tubes upright in the tray, fill with soil and plant your seeds. This is a great alternative to the expensive soft cardboard trays sold at garden centers.?

Make Your Own Compost?

Store-bought composters can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars, but you can make your own for less than five bucks. Drill a dozen holes in the bottom of a large bucket, then start filling it with yard waste, food scraps and other compostable materials. Leave it in the sun to dry it out, and turn the materials every few days. By late summer or fall, you will have your very own compost!?

Enjoy Your Garden?

Yardwork can seem like a chore, but doing your own gardening is great way to get exercise, de-stress and enjoy the fresh air. This season, don’t pay someone else to weed and tend your garden. Instead, turn on your favorite tunes, put on a pair of gloves, dig in and flex your own green thumb. Once you have perfected your garden, get back inside to spring clean!