Some Question If College Is Still A Good Investment

CollegeQ: My friends who are college graduates are not going anywhere in their fields. I don’t know if I want to continue going to school just to have a degree and get a job as a clerk somewhere. How do I know what to major in and whether it’s worth it to go to school?

A: The Sloan Center on Aging and Work at Boston College conducts industry sector reports and other studies on the workplace. Chad Minnich, associate director of marketing & communications at Sloan Center, says the data tells them that, across the board, U.S. industries are anticipating a number of skills shortages in management, sales and marketing, operations and customer relations. All the surveyed industries reported “recruiting competent job applicants” as the top business problem. Other top concerns included low skills levels of new employees and knowledge transfer from experienced employees to lesser experienced.

Graduating from an accredited college is never a waste of time or money, but students must focus on excellence. If your goal is to skate through school, jobs and life without a desire to do your best in everything you do, then any area of study is going to be a waste of time. People of any age with superior critical thinking skills will do better in careers and in life, regardless of the fields they chose in college.