Social Media Tools That Can Help With Your Job Search

Social mediaSocial media tools can be an asset in any job search

By now, you probably know that many employers look at the social media profiles of their job candidates when deciding who to interview. It is easy for anyone who has tried to get rid of embarrassing pictures to see social media as a liability, but a few tools can transform it into an asset.

To Find Jobs
The Twitter Advanced Search tool is really useful. Search for ?We?re hiring,? #jobs, #hiring and the like?and even better, narrow down the results according to proximity. If you live in Houston, you?d set up your advanced search to look something like this: “hiring” near: ?Houston, TX” within: 10mi.

Hootsuite is that one-stop shop in which you can easily manage all of your social media accounts. It also lets you schedule a post and analyze the performance of your posts. You can also save searches for hashtags like #ITjobs.

Engage With Others at a Sensible Pace
Buffer is similar to Hootsuite and lets you make more than one future post at a time. However, the best feature is that you can send retweets at a steady, efficient pace. No overwhelming your users or going through retweet droughts. Download the Google Chrome plug-in, and find tweets from pertinent companies or recruiters that you can retweet throughout the week.

Choose Your Own Adventure
IFTTT is a great app for job hunting. It stands for ?if this, then that,? and is a trigger-driven process. It can save you time, and even better, open up new avenues in your job hunt. Suppose you?re a party planner who uses Instagram pictures of various events as the basis of your picture posts on all social media platforms. You can set up IFTTT so that your Instagram pictures show up as native Twitter photos and aren?t hidden in the feed.