Social Media is Crucial to Running a Business

MediaQ: What social media platform is most important to your business now and why?

Facebook. “We love Facebook for the advertising abilities. You can get incredibly specific on the exact type of person you want to target based on their demographics, interests and Web activities. The traffic tends to be cost effective and it’s fairly easy to get approval for ads.” Patrick Conley, Automation Heroes

Google+ Local.
“As a local SEO company, having an optimized Google+ Local page is critical. Ironically, you don’t need a website to rank your business on Googl; all you need is a Google+ page. That’s why it’s never been more critical to optimize your business for Google+. We find that the most important factors to optimize include About Us copy, getting a steady stream of positive reviews, and adding photos.” Kristopher Jones,

“With LinkedIn, we don’t only find potential leads, but also potential employees that will help us grow our business. Personally, I use LinkedIn to promote thought leadership. I post a new article weekly, which allows me to stay top-of-mind with my network of CEOs and business executives. In the long term, this helps our agency gain business exposure and builds our brand.” Joe Apfelbaum, Ajax Union

Reddit. “Outside of the usual suspects, Reddit has everything a marketer wants in a social media platform: an engaged audience, the ability to drive lots of traffic and instantaneous feedback. I’m always blown away by the power of Reddit when a piece of our content begins to trend on the platform.” Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

“We use Slack for business collaboration, but we also use it as an internal social media platform. There is a fair amount of YouTube, animated gifs and emoticons mixed in with business talk. We even have a selfie-only channel. This helps keep our team entertained and our workplace fun.” Henry Balanon, Stratos, Inc

Twitter. “Twitter is the most important social media platform for our business right now. We have found that an active Twitter presence allows us to maintain a dialogue with industry professionals and organizations, as well as with potential and current clients. In addition, live tweeting from conferences has allowed us to build new relationships in person thanks to Twitter interactions.” Angela Harless, AcrobatAnt

“There is nothing better than the power of video. For us, YouTube has been both a search engine and social media platform. We host discussions, post videos and respond to comments. We use YouTube as the first step in our marketing funnel as an amazing way to find new readers and customers.” Vanessa Van Edwards, Science of People

(Source: TCA)