Social Media for Good Customer Service

Use social media to provide excellent
customer service.

A lot of businesses use social media in their
marketing strategy but unfortunately, a lot of them still don’t know that they
can use it as an effective customer service tool. Since consumers now have the
power to engage with your brand 24/7, you should be able to provide quality and
timely response to their queries, comments or complaints.

Importance of Social Media for Customer Service: Some Stats to Consider

According to a survey conducted by Harvard
Business Review, people are most likely to tell their personal network about
their experiences with their brands. In fact, 23% of customers who had a
positive interaction with their brand and 48% of customers who had negative
interaction with their brand told 10 or more people about their experience.

In addition, they expect to receive timely response to their queries.
According to a survey conducted by Hubshout, a company that provides internet
marketing solutions for online businesses around the globe, 32% of consumers
expect to receive a response from their favorite brand’s social media account
within 30 minutes while 42% expect to receive a response within an hour of
posting their query. It is also interesting to note that 38% of people who
didn’t receive a timely response harbored negative sentiments towards the
particular brand.

Taking these figures into consideration,
you can clearly see why you need to provide
excellent customer service
through your social media accounts. So, how can
you do it? Here’s how.

in Using Social Media for Customer Service

Monitor your social media accounts.
Always keep an eye on your accounts. If you can’t possibly do it yourself, then
have someone do it for you. Remember, your customers are expecting you to
interact with them or at least, address their concerns through these channels.

Build genuine relationships. Don’t
approach social
as just another channel for self-promotion. Use it as an opportunity
to build a genuine relationship with your customers. Engage yourself in the
conversation and provide thoughtful responses to your customers’ queries on

Always respond to issues. Don’t ignore
unhappy customers. Acknowledge their problems and respond accordingly. This
will reassure your customers that you are willing to address their issues and
that they can count on the integrity of your company at all times.

Cultivate brand advocates. Reward loyal
customers by giving away exclusive promotion codes, featuring them on your blog
or sending them a personal thank you note.

Go the extra mile. Go beyond the product
by offering useful resources that your target audience appreciates.

When done right, providing customer service
through social media can convert your followers to loyal customers and give
your business the edge it needs to beat the competition.?