Smartphones and Stun Guns? Protect More Than Just Your Phone

smartphone cover, smartphone case, mobile coverProtect your smartphone. Ensure your safety.

Let’s face it. Most people all over the world consider their smartphones as one of the most important parts of their daily lives. They have become heavily dependent on it, making it impossible for them to imagine their lives without them. ?

However, some smartphones can be relatively expensive so you may need to take the necessary precautions to protect them from damage. You may want to use cases or covers to protect the exterior casing and use screen protectors to guard against scratches and reduce unnecessary glare. And since it may contain a wealth of personal information, you would also want to safeguard your smartphone to protect it against theft.?

Now, if you want to protect more than just your phone, you may want to consider using the Yellow Jacket smartphone case, a smartphone case and a stun gun in one.

Maximum Protection at Your Fingertips

This smartphone case is made from a blend of polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a unique combination that creates a stronger material which is ideal for use in car interior and exterior parts and mobile phone cases. It also features a 1800 mAh battery which works as a backup and effectively doubles your battery life.

Now, for the tricky question – how can the Yellow Jacket smartphone case protect you? Well, as mentioned earlier, the Yellow Jacket smartphone case was designed to protect more than your phone. This revolutionary smartphone case conceals a high voltage stun gun (also known as an electroshock weapon) which has the ability to produce 650,000 volts at 0.8 milliamps. While it does not discharge enough power to physically harm someone, it can definitely send a volt that would be enough to startle your attacker.

The Yellow Jacket is easily deployable and is equipped with two sharp electrodes that can penetrate clothing with relative ease. It also features an activation button and dual safety switch that will protect you from any accidental discharge.?

While stun guns are legal in most states, provided that the owner is over 18, there are still some areas where owning one is considered illegal. Stun guns are currently banned in the states of Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin and all of the Virgin Islands.?

In addition, some states require the owner to prove that they are not convicted felons while some ban stun guns at specific places (schools, courthouses and other public buildings). ?

Taking all these features into consideration, you can easily see why the Yellow Jacket smartphone case can protect your phone and ensure your personal safety at the same time.