Slow Down to Reduce Anxiety

YogaFollow these tips to slow down your fast-paced life.

Stress can sometimes be a healthy, useful response, but it is time to reevaluate your life if it is becoming overwhelming. If your action-packed schedule is giving you anxiety and you find it harder and harder to calm down, follow these tips to slow down your fast-paced life.?

Take a Step Back?

Do a ?stress assessment? for a few days to see what is really overwhelming you. Is it your job? Your schedule? Your relationships? Write down what gives you the most stress. Once you identify the factors that trigger your stress, you can start applying targeted slow-down solutions.?

Stop the Flood of Information?

Technology has greatly increased the pace of our world. To slow down a bit, turn off the email, game, and social media notifications on your cell phone. Only look at apps when you have true free time, and don’t let the flood of info stop you from finishing tasks. That procrastination will only make you more stressed.?

Schedule Time for Yourself?

It may seem counterproductive to add something to your already-packed schedule, but penciling in some ?me? time is a great way to slow down and make sure you take care of yourself. Do something that makes you happy and alleviates stress during that time. You might exercise, dine with a friend, work on your hobby or just take a bath. Whatever it is, enjoy it!

Practice Saying ?No??

You do not have to be the go-to person for everything. Don’t be afraid to say ?no? when you need to. You might have to say it to your boss, a client, or a friend, but being able to say it will help you feel less overwhelmed and prevent resentment.?

Focus on People?

Next time you are with family or friends, really connect with them. Instead of focusing on your smartphone or your work to-do list, make a concerted effort to focus on them. Listen without thinking of what you are going to say next. Ask questions and be present with your company. This can go a long way toward de-stressing yourself.?

Appreciate Nature

Adopt nature’s pace when you are feeling overwhelmed. Take time to enjoy the great outdoors. Leave your phone and headphones at home and breathe in the fresh air. Take in the scenery and serenity, and feel the earth under your feet. Make time to do this every day, either alone or with loved ones.