Sitting Correctly For Your Health

SITI?m going to take a wild guess that you sit ? A LOT. Even if you have an active job where you are constantly moving, modern lifestyles still include a lot of time sitting. In the car, on a plane, at the dinner table, unwinding on the couch at night ? we all sit more than we need to.

I try my best to move and stand as much as possible (yes, I have a standing desk) but I STILL sit a lot. And when I sit for a long period, I feel pain, stiffness, and discomfort. I?m guessing you can relate.

So when I had the chance to interview one of the top freestyle movement coaches, Carl Paoli, I had to ask him what to do about this issue.

Carl does groundbreaking work with the fittest athletes on earth, helping improve mobility, economy of motion and fast recovery from injuries. Not only is he a gymnastics expert, he also has amazing insights into lifestyle, mindset, and total body awareness.

While sitting in my studio during our interview, Carl walked me through a step-by-step guide to having optimal posture when sitting. Not only will it support your body, but it?ll help steer you away from muscle and joint pain.

Here?s what to do:?

Sit on your butt, straight on the pelvis (without leaning back or forward).

Create a tall spine by imagining you are pulling your spine and neck up on a string.

Pull your chin in and let it relax (it creates a double chin, I know!).

Pull your shoulders back and down.

Let your hands rest palms-up on your legs.

Engage your belly muscles slightly.

Pull your feet together and then let your knees fall out.

If this seems like a lot, don?t worry. You can practice this habit daily and build up your stamina and muscle memory. Just start with 30 seconds, then one minute, then five, etc. Before you know it you?ll have a new habit for sitting that will support your body and keep you pain free.

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