Singles Pay More To Live In Here

singleTo help single adults see if they are paying too high a premium to live in their city, GOBankingRates surveyed 89 major U.S. cities to compare the local costs that affect singles the most: the prices of wardrobe staples, gym memberships, date night expenses and rent.?

Singlehood is often lauded as the perfect time to save and work toward money goals because it doesn’t carry the same financial obligations and considerations that come with marriage and family. But singles’ financial situations aren’t so simple, and the investments required to stay attractive and dateable while trying to find one’s mate can quickly add up, especially in high-cost cities where even everyday necessities carry luxury-level prices.?

Keep scrolling to see if your city is among the 15 most expensive cities for singles in the U.S.

Madison, Wisconsin.

Madison rounds out this list at No. 15. This city has high costs in all four categories assessed in this survey, but its clothing price puts the city in the top 20 for that category, and the city comes in at No. 9 for average date cost. A date in Madison costs around $132, while an average wardrobe staple will set a single shopper back $69.?

Oakland, California.

At No. 14, Oakland offers a slightly more balanced cost of living for a single lifestyle. Its average clothing cost is actually lower than the median. But a high average rent price of $1.94 per square foot will easily offset those savings. Gym and date expenses are also high in Oakland.

San Diego, California.

San Diego singles pay a high premium to live in Southern California. San Diego has costs above the median in every category in this study, with its average clothing and rent prices both coming in at No. 13 in the nation.