Simple Yet Effective Career Tips for New Grads

GraduatesJust Graduated? Here are a Few Career Tips to Help You Get on Track

Congratulations on your recent graduation! Now it?s time to start thinking about next steps, and that means finding a career. Here are some great tips for new graduates that will help to solidify your position in your chosen field.

  • Keep in mind that your actual degree is less important than the skills you have hopefully cultivated in college such as teambuilding, leadership and research skills. It is highly unlikely that you will find a job in your “chosen” field. Take the jobs that you are offered and look for opportunities to move sideways and upwards as you earn money.
  • Do not ever think that part-time work is beneath you. You may not get a full-time job right out of college; you may have to take a couple of part-time jobs as a lead into an industry. This is most likely what you will be doing if you did not work an internship and gain contacts during your tenure as a student.
  • Take your risks early in your career. It is less important for you to earn a great deal of money that it is for you to take the big risks and learn what you are capable of. Try everything that you can think of so that you will be well within yourself when you hit your 30s.
  • Wherever you are, try to make a big impact. There is no use in playing the background as a new employee. Take on a lot of responsibility and try to impress your superiors without being a suck-up. If you are successful, then you will be promoted quickly. You should be extremely proud if this is the case. Most people do not have this kind of luck in their first career choice. If you do, realize that you cannot slack off just because you gain some success early on.