Simple Tips for Perfecting Your Company Logo

logosQ: What is the most important thing your company logo should communicate to prospects and why?

Your goals.
“A great logo depends on the company that stands behind it. Whether a company wants to convey security, reliability or fun, its logo is an excellent opportunity to do that. The first step is to decide your goals, and then craft a logo around them.” Michael Lisovetsky, HomeSwipe

Your company’s personality.
“When you select a picture of yourself, whether it is on LinkedIn, a corporate flyer or for the press, you always try to communicate and reflect your strengths and virtues. In a similar way, a company logo should reflect the strengths and virtues of your company’s personality and culture.” Myron Mortakis, HELM Systems

Interesting, bright and original information. “Depending on your key target market, I believe a logo should be interesting and make you want to know more about the company. Price Patrol is an app that is consumer facing, so our logo is bright orange to draw in the eye. We chose to use a submarine logo, which plays to the fact that we are ‘on patrol,’ searching for your shopping deals. Have fun and it will be memorable!” Vincent Marconi, Price Patrol

Emotion. “A logo that evokes any kind of emotion will ingrain itself deeper in the viewer’s brain. This emotional association created by your logo will resurface each time the viewer sees your logo, product/service, content, etc., and strengthen your brand until it is as simple as Coca Cola = happiness.” Zimin Hang, Ultradia

Simplicity. “Logos get way more attention from founders than they deserve, and they’re not worth stressing over. A great logo means very little if the company behind it doesn’t represent the logo well. Having a well-designed logo is definitely important, but your company, product, customer service and marketing matter much more than the logo. Most logos are valuable because of the brand and products behind them.” Mike Sheffer, First Dynamic

What to expect.
“Prospects want to see the personality of the company. But they also really want to know what they can expect by using your service. At, we chose the peacock feather to represent the honest and true nature of oneself as reflected when there are (our company name) between individuals when one ‘Gets to Know You (our slogan).'” Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs

Recognition. “Look at the most brandable logos in the world, such as Nike, Starbucks and McDonalds. What do they all have in common? They are widely known throughout the world and don’t need to have their name associated with the logo. This is something every brand should strive for. Connect with your audience and build a brand that your customers what to promote and share with others.” Zac Johnson,

(Source: TCA)