Simple Phrases with a Big Impact

Simple Phrases with a Big Impact The average person speaks about 16,000
words a day. A few simple words of kindness can make all the difference in the
world to the person hearing them, so try to use some of your 16,000 words to
soothe someone’s troubles or give encouragement. Get started by making these
phrases part of your everyday speech.

?You are awesome.?

Too often, people focus on the negative.
Just check out online reviews to get a sense of how much easier it is to
complain than it is to compliment. When people these days have a less than
stellar experience at a restaurant, for example, they are so quick to leave an
angry diatribe online. When they have a great experience, though, they often
don’t feel the same urgency to leave a glowing review.

If you are quick to criticize, try being
more quick to compliment. Find the positive with someone’s performance on a
project, witty humor, selfless behavior or optimistic outlook, then point it
out verbally. These words can have a big impact when they are genuine and come
from the heart.

?You can do it.?

When someone approaches you with a new idea
or goal, is your first instinct to point out all the road blocks that will
potentially stand in their way? Instead of tearing down the dreams and
ambitions of others, try supporting them by asking how you can help or cheering
them on. Instead of seeing limitations, see opportunities and embrace them with

?I forgive you.?

Forgiveness is hard, but anger and
resentment are destroyers. When you can say ?I forgive you? and really mean it,
you can achieve healthier relationships, lower blood pressure and stress,
greater psychological well-being and decreased feelings of hostility.
Forgiveness is an active choice and a process, but it is worth it to release

?Thank you.?

Saying these two little words more often
reminds you that your life is filled with positive things and helps you focus
on what is really important. People like being appreciated, and it only takes a
moment for your gratitude to be known. If someone has made a difference in your
life, or just in your day, give them a sincere ?thank

?I don’t know.?

This is actually one
of the smartest things
that can come out of your mouth. If you act like you
know more than you do, you will likely not achieve the desired effect. Instead,
freely admit ?I don’t know,? and welcome the learning opportunity that follows.
And even if you think you know, don’t shut your ears to someone else’s opinion
or more information just to protect your ego.?