Silicon Valley on Apple post-Jobs: success for now

CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) ? Silicon Valley tech workers aren’t expecting a quick change of fortune for Apple following Steve Jobs’ announcement that he was resigning as chief executive.

The news came without much surprise in the Valley and few doubted Thursday that despite the loss of Jobs Apple would continue to succeed ? at least for the next few years.

Engineering consultant Ethan Salter says he doesn’t think the company will suffer in the short term. But he notes that in the long term, things in Silicon Valley can change.

Tech workers interviewed by The Associated Press say they were not shocked to hear Wednesday that Jobs was stepping down.

Yet some wondered whether Jobs’ departure could ultimately lead to a turn in its fortunes.

Apple floundered for a decade after Jobs left the company, and its rise to its current success did not begin until he returned in the late 1990s.