After Much Speculation, the 2015 Detroit Auto Show Displays Tesla’s Model S P85D

TeslaIf you are buying a new car, make it a Tesla.

Tesla Motors, referred to by Fortune as ?the Silicon Valley maker of
battery-powered electric cars,? was mum right up to last month about
whether it would display any of its models at the 2015 Detroit Auto
Show. But that changed this morning when it showcased its Tesla Model S
P85D – in ruby red, no doubt.?

If you are buying your next car any time soon, consider driving one home since the Tesla Model S was named as the “best overall” car in the Consumer Reports’ 2014 Top Picks report. CR’s endorsement alone serves as a great testament for the car’s quality since according to Consumer Reports’ website, a vehicle can only be considered for the Top Pick if it meets the organization’s criteria in three areas: test performance, reliability and safety.

Tesla Model S: The Car to Beat
The Tesla Model S may look nothing more than an extremely stylish yet conventional car from the outside but don’t let its appearance deceive you. Underneath its aluminum and steel exterior lies an exciting mix of power, technologies, and features that helped propel it to the top of its class.

Aside from its perfect accelerator response which is comparable to that of a super saloon, razor sharp handling, and versatile and spacious cabin, the Tesla also features a massive touch screen on the dash which controls most functions and provides information about your battery charge, energy consumption and satellite navigation system, to name a few. It also features Internet connection and keyless operation, and provides a 100% quiet, smooth and relaxed driving experience.

The battery on board Model S provides 50% higher energy density by weight as compared to the Nissan Leaf, its closest competitor in the electric vehicle division. And since it essentially serves as the car’s floor pan, the battery actually contributes to the car’s excellent handling capacity.

The Environmental Impact of Owning a Tesla

Given these features, there is no doubt that the Model S can give you extreme value for your money. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. By owning a Tesla car, you would not need to go to a gas station ever again. All you have to do is plug in your car using the mobile or wall connector and you will be ready to hit the road the very next day.

Since you will not be using petroleum-based products to fuel your ride, you would not produce any tailpipe emissions. Thus, if more people began using electric vehicles, there would be a significant reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide and other noxious gases that are being released into the atmosphere. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is now the single biggest environmental health risk that causes one in every eight deaths all over the world.