Should You Start Looking for a New Job? Signs to Watch Out For

looking for jobShould you start looking for a new job? Consider these warning signs.

You may be
perfectly comfortable at your job, save for the occasional dissatisfaction and
boredom at work, but there may come a time when you should consider finding a
new job and start moving on. For some people, this realization comes easy
enough whereas others may find that the signs are not as obvious.

So, how do
you know when your job is not a good fit for you anymore? And how do you know
that moving on would be good for you? Here are some warning signs that can help
you determine if you really need to start looking for a new job.

You need to
start looking for a new job if:

You don’t
feel passionate about your job anymore.
You’ll know that the passion is
gone if you don’t wake up feeling excited about your job and dread going to
work in the morning. There is a great chance that you are just putting up with it
for one reason or another. The longer you stay in this situation, the more your
job would seem like a grind.

You are
unhappy and stressed all the time.
There is no reason to stay if your
current job is not bringing any joy and satisfaction into your life and is
causing you undue stress. Keep in mind that chronic stress
can be detrimental to your health
and wellbeing so quit your job before the
situation gets out of hand.? ??

Your work
performance is taking a nosedive.
It is time to consider packing your
things if you are no longer productive at work, are bored or are not learning
anything new.

You feel
like you don’t fit in.
The ethical, moral and cultural differences that
stand between you and your employer and/or co-workers are creating a serious
tension in the workplace.

You are not being recognized. Who wants
to stay at a job when his ideas are not being heard and his skills are not
being tapped for more challenging projects? When this happens, consider
updating your resume and start looking for a better job elsewhere.

company is sinking.
There is no need to wait it out until the whole company
has sunk. Get out while you still can.

You no
longer have a good
work-life balance. Your work should not prevent you from
spending quality time with your family.

Keep an eye on
these warning signs so you will know when you should seriously start looking
for a new job.