Should You Report Your Boss For Stealing?

SECI?m in a pretty bad spot at work. It really stinks because it?s been a great job up until now. I work in the Integration Department at an electronics distributor. Our work is very technical and it?s interesting. I travel somewhat for big installations. I was hired by Frank, who was my manager for five years. He retired at the end of 2014.

The company hired a new manager, Dan, to replace Frank. Dan is very smart and a nice guy. Everyone in our department was happy when Dan started. He sat down with us and say ?You give me the numbers that the company expects and I will take care of you.? He didn?t lie.

We pretty much always hit our numbers, and Dan has gotten us new equipment, new laptops and a bigger office area. He has a lot of influence with the executives. He came into the company with a great track record. It all sounds terrific, right? There?s one big problem.

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