Should You Be Paying Attention to Virtual Reality?

virtual realityVirtual Reality has been a hot topic in technology for a while now. But is it finally going mainstream?

Talk of virtual reality (VR) might conjure up memories of clunky head-sets for an expensive, over-hyped video game.? Forget those thoughts.? Whatever VR?s failures in the past, the technology has burst back onto the scene, raising hopes about a coming technological revolution in how we interact with media across a range of industries.? Below are just a few industries that are poised to take advantage of this revitalized technology:


Despite its rapid expansion, one of the biggest detriments to online shopping is the inability to test out a product before you buy.? As VR hardware becomes more widespread, retailers will be able to let consumers take their products for a ?test ride? to see how the product fits into their daily lives.


Looking through pictures on Yelp or Travelocity often doesn?t do justice to the true experience of visiting a foreign locale.? With expanded adoption of VR, hotels, tourist agencies, and travel companies will be able to give potential customers virtual walking tours of their destinations.? Smart companies will recognize that VR is going to up the ante on traveler decision-making, and should look to invest early to stand out from the pack.

Arts, Sports, and Entertainment

VR’s biggest draw is that it can create a wholly immersive experience.? Pioneers in the worlds of art, sports, and entertainment will tap into this technology to change the way we experience our favorite pastimes.? With VR, you might be able to catch your favorite artist in concert, even if she?s playing 500 miles away.? And experts predict that VR could be the biggest thing to happen to sports viewing since the introduction of HD Television.

We are quickly on the path to these uses becoming a reality.? VR dominated the annual technology showcase E3 this year, and the consensus is that these technologies will continue to improve while lowering in cost.