Should You Apply to a Job Listing Appearing on Multiple Websites?

a job listing on linkedin

I recently spoke with someone who saw a job listing on a company’s website and on Indeed, the online job board. He applied through Indeed but is wondering if he should also send a duplicate application through the company website (where it instructs applicants to complete a job application form, attach a resume and email the documents) — just in case he doesn’t get a response via Indeed.

Several career experts weighed in on this question. And while their responses varied, the general takeaway is this: Go ahead and send the duplicate application — it might help, and it probably won’t hurt.

Michelle Diamond, founder of Diamond Executive Resumes and Elevated Diamond Strategy, says the way Applicant Tracking Systems differ is one reason she suggests sending a duplicate application directly to the company listing the opening.

“For the past 15-plus years, I’ve noticed that the keywords used to identify candidates through an external website such as Indeed are often different than what is flagged in the respective hiring company’s online submission system,” Diamond explains. “In addition, resumes and attachments are often viewed more carefully via a hiring company’s site, especially if there is a referral.”

Jay Scott, the proprietor of and HR lead at Pugsquest, believes submitting a duplicate application shows initiative — something all hiring managers seek in an employee — and consequently increases their chances of being considered.

“If, for example, the hiring manager saw their application on the online job board but was unsure of it, getting it on the company’s website again will make them give the application a closer look,” Scott says. “It is also possible for their application to get lost in the online job board’s system, so sending a duplicate one via the company’s website ensures their application’s visibility.”

Sherry Mae Mandajos, the hiring manager for the marketing department at Tankarium, says applying directly to the company is preferable.

“If a company posted a job vacancy in multiple job portals and on their website, I recommend submitting your application directly to HR personnel rather than other external outlets,” she says. “The chances are high that many applications don’t get through with the company’s ATS or get lost in the hundreds of other applications. However, sending your application directly to their recruiter helps them review your application more attentively than others. Doing so increases your chances of passing to the next stage.”

As popular as the answer “Go ahead and send it” is, Linda Qu, marketing coordinator at Jobscan, offers some words of caution.

“It depends on the ATS,” says Qu. “Applying to the same job twice may result in the ATS flagging the candidate as a duplicate record, resulting in the merging of the candidate profiles or the deletion of one application completely. Some might record the applications separately. Some only allow you to have one record that you have to update for each job, so you overwrite your older application. I would not recommend sending in a duplicate application for these reasons, but next time, the job seeker should check for the job description on the hiring company’s website and apply there directly.”


(Article written by Kathleen Furore)