Sherise E. Wood


Deputy Program Manager
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.
Stratford, Conn.
Age: 39


Sherise E. Wood has successfully navigated through the challenges of the white-male-dominated field of aviation and engineering.  The determination and drive her parents instilled in her keep her from accepting anything less than success. “This doesn’t mean that I don’t make mistakes,” she says. “I seek to learn from the mistakes and move forward.” She excelled at The Boeing Co., where she worked for 11 years. In her current position as deputy program manager at Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., Wood supports aircraft deliveries to customers, executes contracted projects and manages proposals for acquiring new business.


Woods has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Delaware, a global business and strategic management certificate from St. Louis Community College and an M.B.A. from the University of Massachusetts. She is adamant about striking a balance between her work and her private life. “I am a multifaceted individual. My goal is to enjoy the journey and have no regrets,” she explains. Enjoying the journey includes rejuvenating at the spa and gym and spending quality time with friends and family. And while she has a career in a technical field, she also has a keen interest in beauty, acting and fashion, which led her to become a licensed cosmetologist 10 years ago and to take acting classes.


Woods is committed to service and is currently on the executive board of Prosperity Ministries Inc., a nonprofit ministry that provides training and development for churches and the community. Recently, she merged her artistic interests with her desire to empower others by establishing a line of nervy girl T-shirts to market and empower African-American women. “I strongly believe that it’s not about me. As I continue to make strides I am opening doors and creating a pavement for other African-American females to follow,” she says.


Fun Facts
Favorite book: “Butterscotch Blues”
Favorite comedian: Martin Lawrence
Favorite singer: Monica