Sheila Brown’s Board Game “Authenticity” Brings Couples Closer

Love is a strange game. And Sheila Brown came up with a board game to help people maneuver the ins and outs of relationships. She created the game of “Authenticity” to provide people who are dating, engaged, or newly married the opportunity to learn more about their mate in a fun, interactive yet informative format.

“I was single and struggling in my relationship because I was not asking enough relevant questions to make informed decisions. I noticed my friends were in similar situations. I thought a game would be a great way to get all those ‘need to know’ questions out on the table in a fun yet informative format,” explains Brown, who initially came up with “Authenticity” to help her and her girlfriends have a better chance at finding a suitable mate.

Like any startup, the game needed funding. “I received an investment from my sister to fund half the production cost and I took out a loan for the other half. A close friend provided the investment in my website and promotional materials,” explains Brown.

The biggest obstacle was not allocating enough money for marketing and advertisement. Other obstacles included the large investment in game production and brand awareness.”

Since its launch,” Authenticity” has been featured on many, local television shows and in a number of national magazines. But “Authenticity” is a niche product. “It is not designed for everyone; it was truly designed for the dating single, engaged couples and newly married. Married couples have found benefits in the game because it does provoke conversation; however, it was designed for the new couple in the exploration phase,” explains Brown.

And it is easy to play. Here’s how it works: “Kiss when you start, every time you pass ‘start’ kiss your mate, roll the dice, land on a space and ask your mate that question,” says Brown. “‘Actions’ is a spot you can land on on the board. The card will ask your mate to do something. This will let you know if your mate is an introvert or an extrovert. ‘Pick Your Pleasure’ is another space on the board. You can ask your mate anything you choose. For most men, this is where the game ends–LOL. If you land on ‘The Ball is in your court’, you can ask your mate anything you choose.”

According to Brown, people who play the game enjoy it and are surprised that it is fun. “Many people say they have never had this much fun learning about their mate. Another surprise is that I’ve been told that many women did not think their mate would want to play. They were surprised to see how open and engaged their mate became playing the game. It provided a platform for a more intimate and open relationship.”

Now she’s looking to branch out with “Authenticity,” which is available online and at various stores. “The ultimate goal for “Authenticity” is to create open and honest communication among couples that will lead to a more intimate, successful relationship. We are working on more avenues of distribution for the game in 2015 as well as a potential documentary/show to bring more awareness of the importance to asking more informative questions in your dating experience.