Shani Davis not sure about skating at 2014 Games

Shani DavisTwo-time Olympic speedskating champion Shani?Davis is not ready to commit to competing at the 2014 Sochi Games.

“We’ll see,” the 27-year-old American said Tuesday. “I mean, I’ll continue to skate, and if my heart still carries me over in four years, then I’ll be there.”

Davis and four-man bobsled gold medalist Steven Holcomb spoke to The Associated Press while taking a break from posing for photos and signing autographs during an appearance for the U.S. Olympic Committee at a BP gas station in Southeast Washington. The BP petroleum company became a USOC sponsor during the Vancouver Games.

They’re two of the more than 200 U.S. Olympians and Paralympians spending time in the nation’s capital this week, including a visit to the White House on Wednesday to meet President Barack Obama.

Davis won a second consecutive Olympic gold at 1,000 meters in February, along with a second consecutive silver at 1,500.

When one signature-seeking fan asked Davis on Tuesday if he’d be at the next Olympics, the athlete replied: “I’ll try, man. You never know.”

Earlier, when asked by the AP about his fellow Olympian and friend Apolo Anton Ohno’s plans for 2014, Davis said the pair hasn’t spoken much since the Vancouver Olympics.

“I think he’s retired,” Davis said, then stopped himself and sought to start over.

“I don’t want to speak for him,” Davis continued. “If he didn’t say that, please don’t print that. I have no idea. But that’s kind of the idea: (Vancouver) was his last Olympics. But you never know. He might decide to come back. He’s strong enough, talented enough to do it. So I hope that he does actually come back.”

For the record: Ohno clearly has contemplated retirement but as recently as two weeks ago wouldn’t definitively rule out a return to competition.

His three medals in Vancouver gave Ohno a U.S.-record eight career Winter Olympic medals.

Might Davis prod his pal into continuing?

“He’s his own man. I support him, no matter what he does,” Davis said. “If he wants to skate, if he wants to act or launch his … supplement thing, I support him.”

Holcomb, for his part, is on board for another medal bid after becoming the first U.S. pilot to take gold in four-man bobsledding since 1948. Two members of his push team ? Justin Olsen and Curt Tomasevicz ? also have pledged to stick around another four years, while the third ? Steve Mesler ? is “kind of up in the air right now,” Holcomb said.

“We’re trying to keep the same team together and try to build off that. One thing USA Bobsled struggles to do is keep the team together, which makes it more difficult, because you have to teach new guys everything again. So we’ll see.”

Source: The Associated Press.