Seven Steps to Get Over a Bad Week At Work

bizHaving a bad day, or even a bad week at work is normal. These days can be frustrating and difficult, but if handled the right way, a bad week can actually turn out not to be so bad.

??? 1.??? Do a mindshift. Sometime when things go bad we start to focus on the negative, which often leads to more bad things happening. So instead get off the negative train. ?Focus on what works,? says Susan Peppercorn, career coach and founder of Positive Workplace Partners. ?Our brains remember negative events and comments more than positive ones.? So after experiencing a setback at work, we tend to concentrate on what went wrong. To avoid going down the back whole of fear and doubt, make a list of what is working.?
??? 2.??? Stop what you?re doing and take a breather. ?When we have a bad day or week at work, we tend to double down on our efforts risking making mistakes and burnout. Research shows that taking a short break (5 minutes) to take a few deeps breaths, have a conversation with a colleague, results in higher employee engagement and job satisfaction,? says Peppercorn. It?s best to retreat –even if just briefly–during these times. ?Drawback,? advises Millennial Skills Coach Jared Buckley, the founder of NextGen Development and creator of the 5-Tool Pro. ?Bad work weeks can begin to unravel quickly. They seem to steam roll out of control. The best and first step with things go back is take a timeout. Step out of the steam roll for a moment, for a break, or over lunch. Clear your mind before you reengage.?
??? 3.??? Ask yourself: Will this matter? Sometimes you have to look ahead and think about will what I?m going through now matter next week or anytime in the future.
??? 4.??? Help someone. ?Give or serve to help someone. Stop the input from circumstances or situations for a brief period of time and give. This act will help the refocus and attitude to the rest of the week,? offers Buckley.
??? 5.??? Move your body–on you time off, of course! ?Exercise,? says Deborah Sweeney, CEO, MyCorporation .com. ?Creating a balance in your work and personal life is all about energy and exercise is a great, natural way to keep energized. Every morning, I wake up early so I can get an hour of spinning in before I head over to the office. Having enough energy to get through your entire day is a big part of keeping a balance, so look into joining a gym, a Pilates class, or even just going for a quick jog after work and make sure to schedule in that exercise each day.?
??? 6.??? Live In the moment and try not to stress about the past or the future, This will also let you be more focused at the task at hand and not feeding into your emotions.
??? 7.??? Look on the bright side. ?Celebrate everything,? says Sweeney. ?Send company wide emails to congratulate an intern for their hard work or take the team out to lunch if you had a strong sales month. By acknowledging all of the great things your team is doing, they?ll be happier and more engaged ? and compelled to work harder for the company.?